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St. Louis Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC Service Company is dedicated to providing our customers with clean, healthy indoor air in their homes and businesses. For this reason, we offer a number of HVAC maintenance and cleaning services. As we place a top priority on customer satisfaction, we invite our previous customers to leave feedback here regarding your recent experience with our air duct cleaning company.

Please feel free to complete the form below to let St. Louis Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC Service Company know if you were satisfied with your service. This feedback form can be used to leave suggestions or comments for improving our customer relations. In addition, we love hearing from satisfied customers, and so we welcome you to leave feedback regarding your satisfaction with our technicians.

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Customer Satisfaction: Our Air Duct Cleaning Company?s Number One Priority

St. Louis Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC Service Company cares about our customer satisfaction and considers your family?s health and well-being to be a top concern. We believe in offering superior service to each of our commercial and residential customers. We recognize that a satisfied customer can be the best marketing tool, and therefore, we emphasize providing quality results the first time. If you were satisfied with you experience with our St. Louis Air Duct Cleaning Service, we welcome you to leave feedback regarding your experience.

For those customers who may not have been completely satisfied with their air duct cleaning service, we invite you to provide us with feedback regarding what went wrong and how our technicians can improve in the future. As our ultimate goal is improving indoor air quality through our comprehensive air duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance and cleaning services, we welcome any feedback that may help us better achieve this goal.

Air Duct Cleaning Services and Products

St. Louis Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC Service Company offers a variety of Air Duct and HVAC cleaning and maintenance services to our St. Louis customers. These products and services result in a comprehensive approach to improving indoor air quality. With a range of services and products including air duct cleaning, HVAC maintenance, and the installation of lifetime filters and antimicrobial lights, St. Louis Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC Service Company is St. Louis?s best company offering complete services to remove dirt and other allergens from your home?s ventilation system. To learn how we can help you achieve clean air in your home or business, schedule an air duct cleaning appointment with our skilled technicians today.

The following are some of the important products and services that we offer for cleaning air ducts and entire HVAC systems.

  • Air Duct Cleaning: For our air duct cleaning service, we use powerful vacuums attached to high efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) filters in order to ensure that none of the dirt and debris removed from your air ducts is released back into your home.
  • Air Duct Sanitization: During our air duct sanitization process, we use a safe, environmentally friendly cleaning fog to remove any remaining pollutants including mold, allergens, dust mites, and other microorganisms from your air ducts. This hospital grade fog is safe for pets and children and is even proven effective in killing and preventing the return of bacteria and other fungi.
  • Residential HVAC: We offer a number of residential HVAC system services including furnace cleaning, air exchanger cleaning, air conditioner cleaning, and A-coil cleaning. For all of these cleaning services we use only ?green? eco-friendly cleaning products for your safety.
  • Air Duct Repairs & Retrofitting: We offer air duct repairs or retrofitting services in order to keep your air conditioning and heating systems running more efficiently, and therefore saving you money on operating costs.
  • Lifetime Air Filter Installation: We offer electrostatic lifetime air filter installation services to replace your old disposable air filters. A lifetime filter can block up to ten times the amount of dirt as a regular air filter including pollen, dust, mold, and pet dander.
  • Antimicrobial UV Light Installation: After you have taken all of the necessary steps in removing unwanted pollutants from your home?s air ducts and HVAC system, it is important to ensure that this system remains clean. The installation of antimicrobial lights above air conditioner coils will prevent the growth of mold and other microorganisms, which can spread throughout your ventilation system.